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Thames Sports and Education Community Trust (aka Zoom Zone) is a charitable trust established in 2003 with the aim of enlivening the Thames community through active participation in sport and leisure.

We are a passionate group of individuals keen to see our community survive and thrive through having community assets and activities that both attract people and keep them in the town.  One particular area we have focused on has been improving community sport and recreation facilities in Thames. We have worked with sports groups, schools, and other community groups to identify the sport recreation needs of Thames and have put together plans to address these needs.

Zoom Zone has identified the most pressing need is for an additional indoor court space in  the town centre and for a replacement for the Thames Centennial Pools.  We have been lobbying the Thames Coromandel District Council to provide funding for these new facilities.  To date, the Council has funded a three studies regarding the recreation needs of our community and issues related to addressing these.  The next step is to commit funding to the construction of new facilities.  Once we have Council support, we can seek funding from other major funders.

In addition to establishing new and better community recreation assets, Zoom Zone has run events and promoted activities and supporting existing sport and recreation groups. Ultimately, our aim is to energise our community.

The trustees of Zoom Zone are:

Mary Hamilton (chairperson)

Mary Hamilton

Mary joined Zoom Zone in 2006 soon after moving to Thames. She saw it as a great opportunity to get involved in an important community cause. Mary was raised in Thames and left after high school to attend university and travel. She returned to Thames with her husband Eric and one child (James). Anna and Stella were born here.

Mary and Eric chose Thames not only because of family connections here but also because of it’s great location, good schools, accessibility to the kinds of activities they wanted their kids to get involved in like sport, sailing, and hiking. Mary is passionate about offering more and better sporting and recreational opportunities to young and old alike in our community.

Rodney Poulgrain (secretary)

 Rodney is one of the six original trustees of ZoomZone, his involvement dating back to 2002 when Shayne Massey and others first began lobbying for an indoor recreation facility for Thames.  

Another ‘born and bred’Thames man, Rodney attended Thames High School and, after graduating from Auckland University law school and working for a law firm in the city for three years, travelled overseas before returning to live in Thames in 1983.

Rodney is married to Sally and they have three children. His recreational pursuits include running, tennis, water skiing and scuba diving. His children’s interests have included gymnastics, dance, netball and Kiaido Ryu, and these have highlighted the need for (and shortage of) appropriate indoor facilities in and around Thames.

Rodney is also currently president of the Thames Harrier Club Inc. and a trustee of The Coromandel Heritage Trust.

Mike White (treasurer)
Lisa Ballantyne
April Chang
Peter Richardson

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