Only THREE days left

With only three more days to go before submissions on the TCDC’s 2012 Draft Ten Year Plan close, it’s vital that you get yours in now.  Since we’ve had feedback that it’s not that easy to download or even find the submission form on the TCDC website, we’ve uploaded it here to help you. Just click on this link   2012 DRAFT Ten Year Plan_Submission Form to open a copy of the submission form, print it off, and fill it in.

Completing the submission form should only take 2 minutes.  All you need to do is to write you name, contact details, and signature on the front of the submission form then tick the important box on the back page.  Next to bullet point 2 “Increase Services as Follows: build new sports facilities in Thames and Mercury Bay (funded locally)?”, tick the YES box.  Of course, you can take your time and answer other questions of interest to you as well.  Then drop your submission into the TCDC office before 4PM on Monday April 2.

So far, we know of many many people who have got their submission in.  Every submission counts so please don’t delay.  We would really appreciate you encouraging your family and friends to complete a submission as well.  Remember you DON’T have to be a TCDC ratepayer – residents or anyone else with a stake in the Thames community is entitled to as well.

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